HTML <meta> tag

HTML <meta> tag : Definition

• The general purpose of using <meter> tag is to define a scalar measurement within a known range, or a fractional value.

• The <meter> tag is also known as a gause.

• It can be used to display a disk usage, monthly spent money, voting population, train seat availability etc.

Html <meta> tag example

Display a meter:

45 out of 100

Attributes of HTML Meter Tag

HTML <meter> tag supports the global and event attributes and some specific attributes also.

valueIt is a mandatory attribute which is used to specify a value in numbers. The number may be integer or floating point number.
formIt specifies one or more forms to which meter element belongs to.
highIt specifies a range that is considered as high value.
lowIt specifies a range that is considered as low value.
maxIt specifies the maximum value defined in the range.
minIt specifies the minimum value defined in the range.
optimumIt specifies the optimum value for the gauge.It is an optional attribute.