HTML <bdo> tag

HTML <bdo> tag : Definition

• The HTML <bdo> (stands for Bi-Directional Override), this element is used to specify the text direction or used to change the current direction from right to left or left to right.

• This element contains dir attributes which is used to specify the direction of text written inside the <bdo> element. The dir attribute contains two values which are listed below:

  • rtl: The text direction from right to left (reverse the text).
  • ltr: The text direction from left to right.

<bdo> tag example :

 <!DOCTYPE html> 
        <title>bdo tag example</title> 
            body { 
            h1 { 
                font-size: 20px;
                font-weight: 700;
        <h2><bdo> Tag example</h2> 
        <bdo dir="ltr">AimToCode</bdo><br> 
        <bdo dir="rtl">GeeksforGeeks</bdo> 



<bdo> Tag example

AimToCode edoCoTmiA