HTML <summary> tag

HTML <summary> tag : Definition

• The HTML <summary> tag is defined as the child of <details> element to provide a summary of the contents of the <details> element.

• When the summary is clicked by the user, the content placed inside the <details> <element> is displayed which is hidden by default.

Html <summary> tag example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>summary Tag example</title>
 <p>The chemical formula for Sulphuric acid is: H<summary>2</summary>SO<summary>4</summary></p>
 <p>The chemical formula for Salt is: N<summary>a</summary>CL</p>

 <p>The chemical formula for Water is: H<summary>2</summary>O</p>
 <p>The chemical formula for carbon dioxide is: CO<summary>2</summary></p> 

Output :

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