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Prayag Verma

Hi, firstly, I would love to begin by expressing my excitement, and gratitude by saying Thank You for the tremendous support shown towards Aim To Code. I feel privileged to have created a platform that serves as an excellent source of study, as evidenced by the fact that AimToCode receives over 8,000(+) daily visits.

This page is predominantly all about me as an individual, and the journey behind writing this blog why, when, and how I started AimToCode.

About Me:

Hello there, I am Prayag Verma, working as an ETL/DWH Engineer having around 4 years of hands-on experience employed at an MNC company located in India.

     Despite my lifelong interest and enthusiasm for coding and programming, my career as an ETL/Data Warehouse Test Engineer has been a welcomed change. I have fallen in love with learning new tools and technologies, engaging with clients, finding quality data among millions, using various tools to complete projects, solving complex cases, and most importantly, discovering a new role that brings me a sense of satisfaction beyond coding. As a result, I have gained expertise in various databases and cloud technologies like Oracle, Teradata, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Azure Databricks, PySpark, Snowflake, Data Lake, ADLS, PostgreSQL, etc.

     I have been utilizing Azure Databricks to program in Python using PySpark to automate testing and validate data using popular libraries like NumPy and Panda. In addition, I have also been developing Python programs efficiently to convert flat files format (Json, Parquette, Excel etc.) as a source system to match and validate them with the target source system.

        Furthermore, acquiring knowledge in Data Warehouse technology has greatly enhanced my skills, including its various approaches like enterprise data mart, virtual warehouse system, snowflake, star schema, slowly-changing dimensions, facts and dimensions, data mining, and many more. I have also gained extensive experience using tools such as Informatica Power Center, DataOps Suite, HPALM, JIRA, and Octane.

In addition, I have excellent proficiency in various programming languages such as Python, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, and JavaScript. I have completed various professional certifications, some of which are listed below along with their corresponding certificates.

- My Certifications and Accomplishments -

  • Python (by Kaggle)

  • Python Essentials 1 (by Cisco)

  • Python 101 for Data Science (by IBM)

  • Data analysis with Python (by IBM)

  • Data Science Methodology (by IBM)

  • SQL and Relational Databases 101 (by IBM)

  • NoSQL and DBaaS 101 (by IBM)

  • ETL Tester 1 (by Datagaps)

Why Aimtocode?

The origin of AimToCode dates back between 2015-2019 during my college time, with the goal of creating a comprehensive e-learning platform for aspiring programmers. After completing my undergraduate studies, I developed a strong interest in computer programming languages and the aim to code. I searched for a domain name,, and was fortunate to find it available, which I promptly registered. The name AimToCode reflects my aim to learn coding and perfectly embodies my ambition. This is how my personal interest transformed into an educational platform that continues to inspire me today.

My Education:

In 2019, I earned my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering. My undergraduate education provided me with a solid foundation and equipped me with the necessary skills to succeed in the demanding and competitive technology industry. As a result, I am currently employed at a multinational corporation as an ETL Data Warehouse Test Engineer.

My Ambition:

In the near future, I aim to improve my writing abilities and produce high-quality content. I recognize that both written and verbal communication skills are crucial to success, so I am continuously working to develop these skills. I have aspirations to earn a Data Science degree in the next few years and then work collaboratively with a team, making the most impact I can in my desired field.

       While I know it won't be a straightforward journey, I am eager to face the challenges and chase my aspirations, instead of not attempting it at all.

Email: [email protected]

Thank you! :)

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Data Analysis With Python
Data Science Methodology
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Prayag Verma

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