HTML <meta> and its example

HTML <meta>:

When writing in HTML, the<meta> tag is used to provide metadata about a web page. All <meta> tags are stored in the <head> element and while they're not visible on the page, they are still viewable to browsers and search engines. They are useful for storing information like keywords and content descriptions.

You can include one or more meta tags in your document based on what information you want to keep in your document but in general, meta tags do not impact physical appearance of the document so from appearance point of view, it does not matter if you include them or not.


meta tag Attributes

Attribute Description
charset Designates the character encoding for the web page.
content Gives the value associated with the name attribute or http-equiv.
http-equiv Creates an HTTP header for the value of the content attribute.
name Designates the name for the metadata.

Browser Support:

Edge Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Opera Chrome
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