HTML <hgroup> tag

HTML <hgroup> tag : Definition

• The <hgroup> element is Not Supported in HTML5 anymore.

• The <hgroup> tag sets the particular area within an HTML file where an another HTML web page can be displayed.

• A <hgroup> tag is used within the <hgroupset> element stands for heading group and it is used to group the heading elements.

• The <hgroup> is also knowd as second-level element, and it is also used to wrap one or more heading elements(<h1> to <h6> ), for example:- the title<h1> and sub-heading<h2>.

<hgroup> tag example :

<!DOCTYPE html> 
        <title>HTML hgroup Tag example</title> 
            <h1>This is the title.</h1> 
            <h2>This is sub-title.</h2> 


This is the title.

This is sub-title.