History of Java


Java is a platform independent and ure object oriented programmig language. It was developed by James Gosling and Patrick Naughton of Sun Microsystems, USA in 1991.

It was Originally called OAK and this language was renamed as "Java" in 1995.

This language was designed to be simple and platform- independent(which was not dependent on any particular hardware or operating system) that had been developed with the main objective of making the programming for the internet faster and easier.

This language has bright future due to its four distinct features, namely object oriented, platform independent, Intenet support and security.

The java programs developed exclusively for the internet, which are well known as applets can now be effortlessly distributed to many users over the internet.

In 1990, the Sun Microsystems decided to develop special software that can be used to manipulate consumer electronic devices.

In 1991, the sun Microsystems announced anew language named OAK, after using the most popular object oriented language C++.

In 1992, the green project team demonstrated the application of their language to control the home appliances using hand - held device with tiny touch sensitive screen.

In 1993, the green project team came up with the idea of developing web applets after World Wide Web(WWW) appeared on the internet.

In 1994, the green project team developed a web browser called Hot Java to locate and run applet programs or internet.

In 1995, a programming language called OAK was renamed as Java. Sun Microsystems had realeased new version of java called JDK 1.0

The various versions of java JDK 1.0, JDK 1.1, J2SE 1.2,J2SE 1.3,J2SE 1.4,J2SE 5.0,Java SE 6,Java SE 7,Java SE 8 (LTS),Java SE 9,Java SE 10,Java SE 11 (LTS),Java SE 12 were subsequently released.

Characteristics of Java

The various characteristics of java are follows:

  • Java language is both compiled and interpreted.
  • java is a platform independent and portable.
  • Java is an object oriented language.
  • Java is simple and easily extendible.
  • Java is a robust language.
  • Java ensures extensive security.
  • Java is a distributed language used to create and share application across networks.
  • Java supports multithreading.
  • Java enables interactive programming through graphical applications.
  • Java is a dynamic and extensible language.
  • Java architecture offers excellent performance.

Features of Java

Features of Java/Java Buzzwords/ Chracteristics of Java

  • Simple
  • Object -Oriented
  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Compiled and Interpreted
  • Portable
  • Multithreaded
  • Architectural Neutral
  • High performance
  • Dynamic