Java Class

Java Class Definition:

Classes are data types based on which objectsa are created. Obects with similar propertiea and methods are grouped together to form a Class. Thus , a Class represents a set of individual objects. Characteristics of an object are represented in a class as Properties (Attributes).

The actions that can be performed by obects become functions of the class and are referred to as Methods(Functions).

A class, in the context of Java, are templates that are used to create objects, and to define object data types and methods..

Core properties include the data types and methods that may be used by the object. All class objects should have the basic class properties. Classes are categories, and objects are items within each category.


Output :

Hello Visitor

example 2:

Output :

Product: Keyboard, Price: 85000.0, Quantity: 100
Product: Mouse, Price: 55000.0, Quantity: 120
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