CSS Table Styling and its Example

CSS Table :

CSS tables have an advantage of custom borders, spacing, width/height, padding, and layouts. You can create horizontal dividers, responsive, stripped, and hover over tables. You can assign colors to specific elements and make them stand out. Using CSS table styling properties you will be able to create slick designs that will impress even the most tech-savvy enthusiasts.

  • th: is defined as table head/header
  • tr: is defined as table row.
  • td: is defined as table data.
  • table coloumn: is column of the table which hold the value in column vise.
  • table row: is row of the table which hold the value in row vise.
  • border: default table bored is "0" and due to this table will not have border:

Example: default border

Output :

Example :using css style


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