C strncat() Function Example

strncat() Function

The C strncat function is one of the String Function, which is used to append n number of characters from user specified string to end of the existing string.

The function returns a char[] array pointer, pointing to the destination string containing the addition of both string values.

C strncat syntax

 char *strncat(char *destination, char *source, size_t n);

 strncat(str1, str2, string_size); 	

Example 1:

The strncat function is used to append the user specified string to existing string.


 The content of first string is : Have a
 The content of second string is : good day!
 The addition of two string in the first string : Have a go
 The content of second string : good day!

Example 2:


Please, enter the first string = aimtocode
Please, enter the second string = Tutorials
The concatenate string is = aimtocodeTutorials

List of String function in C

Functions Description
strcat( ) The strcat() function is used to concatenate one string(source) at the end of another string(destination).
strncat( ) Appends first n characters of a string at the end of another.
strcpy( ) Copies from str2 into str1
strncpy( ) Copies given number of characters of one string to another
strlen( ) Gives the length of str1
strcmp( ) Returns 0 if str1 is same as str2. Returns <0 if strl < str2. Returns >0 if str1 > str2
strcmpi( ) Same as strcmp() function. But, this function negotiates case. “A” and “a” are treated as same.
strchr( ) Returns pointer to first occurrence of char in str1
strrchr( ) last occurrence of given character in a string is found.
strstr( ) Returns pointer to first occurrence of str2 in str1
strrstr( ) Returns pointer to last occurrence of str2 in str1
strdup( ) Duplicates the string
strlwr( ) Converts string to lowercase
strupr( ) Converts string to uppercase
strrev( ) Reverses the given string
strset( ) Sets all character in a string to given character
strnset( ) It sets the portion of characters in a string to given character
strtok( ) Tokenizing given string using delimiter