Python Tkinter Message

Tkinter Message

The Message widget is a variant of the Label, designed to display multiline messages. The message widget can wrap text, and adjust its width to maintain a given aspect ratio.

The message text contains more than one line. However, the message can only be shown in the single font.


 w = Message(parent, options) 

Example 1:


A list of possible options is given below.

SN Option Description
1 anchor It is used to decide the exact position of the text within the space provided to the widget if the widget contains more space than the need of the text. The default is CENTER.
2 bg The background color of the widget.
3 bitmap It is used to display the graphics on the widget. It can be set to any graphical or image object.
4 bd It represents the size of the border in the pixel. The default size is 2 pixel.
5 cursor The mouse pointer is changed to the specified cursor type. The cursor type can be an arrow, dot, etc.
6 font The font type of the widget text.
7 fg The font color of the widget text.
8 height The vertical dimension of the message.
9 image We can set this option to a static image to show that onto the widget.
10 justify This option is used to specify the alignment of multiple line of code with respect to each other. The possible values can be LEFT (left alignment), CENTER (default), and RIGHT (right alignment).
11 padx The horizontal padding of the widget.
12 pady The vertical padding of the widget.
13 relief It represents the type of the border. The default type is FLAT.
14 text We can set this option to the string so that the widget can represent the specified text.
15 textvariable This is used to control the text represented by the widget. The textvariable can be set to the text that is shown in the widget.
16 underline The default value of this option is -1 that represents no underline. We can set this option to an existing number to specify that nth letter of the string will be underlined.
17 width It specifies the horizontal dimension of the widget in the number of characters (not pixel).
18 wraplength We can wrap the text to the number of lines by setting this option to the desired number so that each line contains only that number of characters.