Data Types in C Language

Data type Definition

The data type supported in a language dictates the type of values which can be processed by the language.

C supports several different types of data, each of which may be represented differently within the computers memory.

Data types are means to identify the type of data and associated operations for handling it. Every variable in C has a data types.

Derived data types

The data types which are derived from fundamental data types are known as derived types.

It has basically three types of derived data types as given below.

  • Array
  • Pointers and
  • Functions
Data TypesDescription
ArraysArrays are sequences of data items having homogeneous values. They have adjacent memory locations to store values.
PointersThese are powerful C features which are used to access the memory and deal with their addresses.
FunctionsFunction pointers allow referencing functions with a particular signature.

To know about derived data type in c language read array, pointers and function in C.


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