Continue Statements In C Language

C Continue Statement

The continue statement is used to skip the remaining statement in the loop.

The loop does not terminate when a continue statement is encountered. Infact, the remaining statement in the loop are skipped and control is transferred to the next pass though the loop.

The continue statement can be included only in a while, do-while or for statement. It is simly written as continue; .

In the for statement, continue transfers control to the increment part of the loop, which is evaluated.

In the while and do-while statement, the test part is executed immediately. The continue statement applies only to loops, not to switches.



 Statement 1.
 Statement 2.
 Statemnet 3.
 Statement 4.
 Statement 6.
 Statement 7.
 Statement 8.
 Statement 9.
 Statement 10.
 End of Program.

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