Byte Data Type In C++ With Example

Byte Data Type ?

Byte is a distinct type that implements the concept of byte as specified in the C++ language definition.
The data types determine the type of data to be stored in memory. The data types are used to represent the different values to be stored in the variable. The variable is a name that refers the memory location which means whenever you create a variable you reserve the space in the memory and based on the data type of the variable the operating system allocates the memory.

Byte data type :

Like char and unsignedchar , it can be used to access raw memory occupied by other objects (object representation), but unlike those types, it is not a character type and is not an arithmetic type. A byte is only a collection of bits, and the only operators defined for it are the bitwise ones.

How to declare a variable?

     int b; 
float aimtocode;
int a, b, c; (or)
int a;
int b;
int c;

he same process can be expressed in C++ with the following instruction set:

 a = 5;
    b = 2;
    a = a + 1;
    result = a - b;

Example 1:

Output :

    char   1
    bool   1
    short  2
    int    4
    long   4
    float  4
    double 8
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Example 2:

Output :

    In Function f
    localX is 1
    In Function f
    localX is 1
    Press any key to continue . . .

Example 3:

Output :